Book: Experiencing Oxford

Book: Experiencing Oxford



Experiencing Oxford (2020) celebrates the way Oxford can be experienced using our senses, memories, emotions and spirits. Since some prefer to look rather than read, the book includes over a hundred of the author’s drawings and watercolours as well as hundreds of photographs he took of Oxford’s buildings and landscapes. Reactions to Oxford by past and present writers are included with examples of ways to experience buildings, squares, streets, sculptures, stained glass and Oxford’s open spaces. Twelve 'sensory walks' and 'climbs' are provided. 






The book is written for any reader - whether visitor, student, professional or resident, who has appreciated and experienced the riches of Oxford and would like to expand that encounter.






Experiencing Oxford is without doubt the most stimulating book about the city and its university that I have come across, a wonderful left-field contribution to the plethora of Oxford guides. Davis has lived in Oxford for most of his life, used it as a tool to inspire generations of architecture students, painted and photographed it, and reflected deeply on its extraordinary sensory appeal. He knits ancient and modern into a multi-layered collage rich in historical, literary and visual reference that is guaranteed to shake up your thinking. It is a wonderful book, and the paintings are glorious.”
Chirstina Hardyment, Oxford based author: Writing the Thames (2016), Former Editor: Oxford Today


'Experiencing Oxford is a fascinating book that describes this most fascinating of cities in a totally new way.  The book has given me entirely new insights into the nature of this very subtle organism, called Oxford.  Above all the book gets to the very heart of the place through emotions and artistry and Ian's personal observations and paintings

Jan Morris, leading travel writer, author of Oxford (1965) and The Oxford Book of Oxford (1978)

“This book vividly brings alive the rich history of Oxford and the many ways in which it can influence lives and in my case this wonderful city laid the foundations for my life, both personally and academically.” 
Dr Roger Barker, Professor of Clinical Neuroscience, University of Cambridge and Honorary Consultant Neurologist, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK.



“Oxford has always had a wonderful way with pleasure, and so this book by Ian Davis is a sensualist’s delight, observing and celebrating the light, texture, taste and smell of buildings, stone, meadows and rivers, food and drink, sky and earth. Copious illustration with atmospheric and vibrant watercolours by the author is not just an addition but in so many ways the point. A special book indeed, as well as a love letter to the great university city.”

Dr Richard Lofthouse, Editor QUAD (formerly Oxford Today, Oxford University Alumni Journal)


“This is a beautifully written and visually evocative book. It provides a wealth of information about the history of this city, as well as a detailed guide to aid the exploration of tourists and pilgrims. It is something to treasure.”  

The Revd Dr William Lamb, Vicar of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford, UK.  Author: Scripture: A Guide for the Perplexed (2013)


“I love the book, scholarly and yet accessible; wide ranging and yet personal; visually gorgeous. I feel sure it will get a lot of attention and become a ‘must-have’ for everyone who loves the city. Your paintings work beautifully with the text.”
Peter Lovesey, Award winning British Crime Writer



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