Reader responses to Experiencing Oxford


A selection of readers' kind responses to the book, updated 22.4.20.



‘a tour de force… an astonishing record of the City’                   Dr Nick Isbister                                                                               

‘a truly monumental achievement’                                                 Tim Pears

‘What a masterpiece! …we have started to wallow in it!’          Revd Canon Colin Day

 ‘a mighty work—of the soul and heart—and of such artistry’ Rt Revd Robert Ladds                   

‘a love-letter to Oxford’                                                                      Dr Tim King

‘a labour of love’                                                                                  Prof David Alexander

‘a fantastic achievement’                                                                   Tina Stallard

‘congratulations on this spectacular work’                                  Richard Eisner

‘just wonderful’                                                                                   Sheila Nicholls

 ‘a magnificent book! Your magnum opus, indeed’                   Julia Froggatt                   

 ‘a tremendously good book’                                                             James Bretherton

 ‘the perfect antidote to COVID 19’                                                  Peter Fanning

‘a companion for these days’                                                            Penelope Brook

 ‘the perfect companion to the City’                                                Luke Jacob

 ‘anyone in Oxford is going to love it’                                             Sarah Gall

‘a brilliant and hugely entertaining achievement’                       Ian Salisbury

‘an absolute “treasure-trove”’                                                           Revd John Samways

 ‘a big box of chocolates with lots to choose from...’                    Maggie Stephenson



‘accessible, packed with information…’                                          Alison and Paul Ingram

‘shot through with enthusiasm and astute reflection’                 Revd Alex Jacob

              ‘illuminates and intensifies our experience.’                                 Joseph Clayton

It reads as a piece of literature instead of a guide book’           Prof Juhani Pallasmaa

‘an unparalleled collection of stories, quotes and anecdotes’    Kate Seal

 ‘a new and refreshing approach…’                                                 Andy Clark

‘beautifully captures moments and details…’                                Ellen Clayton

‘a book of great learning, wisdom and charm’                             Paul Sheppy



‘beautifully produced’                                                                         Dr S J Goss

‘a beautiful artefact’                                                                            Richard Lofthouse

‘a treat to read and beautiful to contemplate’                               Shirley Dobson

‘a truly wonderful and beautifully produced book’                     Dr Matthew Kempshall

              ‘a finely made personal product indeed’                                        John Ashdown



‘amazing illustrations’                                                                       Andy Ffrench

‘stunning watercolours’                                                                     Sarah Gall

‘beautifully executed watercolours’                                                Dan Fox

‘gorgeous illustrations, a treat for the eye’                                   Peter Lovesey

‘photographs often as wonderful as the paintings’                     Randolph Langenbach

‘much obvious love and fascination in the illustrations’…         Paul Clifford

‘I am…

‘…immensely proud of it’                                                                   Christina Hardyment

‘…bowled over!...’                                                                                John Newberry

‘…totally overwhelmed by your wonderful book’                        Glenys Bowen

… reeling and revelling in your text…’                                          John F.C. Turner

‘…simply in awe of the production values’                                    Paul Clifford


‘…were blown away… staggeringly lovely’                                   Anna and Bern Wilkins                 

‘…savour its treasures’                                                                        Revd Mark Williams